England - Conflict - Norman Plantagenet

Norman-Plantagenet 1060 - 1485

The Plantagenet period in England, which lasted from the late 12th century to the mid-15th century, was marked by frequent conflict and warfare. During this time, England was involved in a number of significant wars and battles, both at home and abroad. One of the most notable conflicts during this period was the Hundred Years' War, which began in 1337 and saw England fight against France for control of territory on the continent. This long and bloody war lasted for over a century and involved many famous battles, including the Battle of Crecy and the Battle of Agincourt. In addition to the Hundred Years' War, the Plantagenet period saw England involved in other major conflicts, such as the Barons' War, a civil war fought between King Henry III and rebellious barons in the mid-13th century. The period also saw significant military campaigns in Wales and Scotland, as well as a number of smaller conflicts and skirmishes. Overall, the Plantagenet period in England was marked by significant military conflict, both at home and abroad, that helped shape the course of English history.

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Welsh Uprising of 1211

As the 13th century dawned upon the British Isles, the foundations of the realm were tested
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The First Baron's War

Amidst the tempestuous waves of England's past, there arises the narrative of the First Barons
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Scottish-Norwegian War

In the annals of Britain's storied past, often overshadowed by the grandeur of its continental affairs
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The Second Baron's War

In the annals of England's tumultuous history, few periods stand as starkly as the 13th century, particularly
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Edwardian Conquest of Wales

In the turbulent saga of the British Isles, the echoes of clashing swords, defiant shouts
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First Scottish War of Independence

Scotland's struggle for independence from English dominion is a tale of courage, subjugation
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The    Despenser War

In the sprawling chronicles of England's medieval tapestry, not every confrontation is between great
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2nd War of Scottish Independence

In the turbulent saga of the British Isles, the echoes of clashing swords, defiant shouts, and the ceaseless
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Peasant's Revolt

In the great panorama of British history, there emerges from the Welsh valleys a figure of almost mythic
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Glyndwr Rising

The Glyndwr Rising, led by Owain Glyndwr, did not occur during the Napoleonic period. Rather
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100 Years War

The Hundred Years' War was an arduous, sprawling conflict that dramatically shaped the destinies
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Wars of the Roses

Scotland's struggle for independence from English dominion is a tale of cIn the sunlit tapestry
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