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Roman History - 410 AD

During Roman times, England was known as Britannia and was a contested territory, with the Roman army engaged in a long and often difficult campaign to conquer and maintain control of the region. The first Roman invasion of Britain took place in 55 BC, when Julius Caesar led a force across the English Channel. However, it was not until AD 43 that the Romans successfully conquered much of southern England under the Emperor Claudius. The Roman army established a network of forts and roads, as well as building Hadrian's Wall in the north to defend against Pictish attacks. The Roman occupation of Britannia was not without resistance, with several uprisings and rebellions taking place, most notably led by Queen Boudicca of the Iceni tribe in AD 60-61. The Roman military presence in England continued until the early 5th century AD when the Empire began to withdraw its forces, leading to the eventual collapse of Roman rule in the region. Overall, warfare and conflict during Roman times in England were shaped by the ongoing struggles between the Romans and the native tribes, with the Roman military eventually establishing a strong presence in the region.

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